Epic Reporting Engine

Business Management & Data Analytics with Epic Integration

The powerful, dynamic Jun Reporting Engine allows users to ask very specific questions quickly and easily in any business environment. It allows for fast, in-depth analysis of data by users with five dynamic publishing modes - Formatted Report, Detail Datasheet, Aggregate Measures, Cross Tabulation, and Graphing - without requiring advanced database skills. The Jun Reporting Engine can be applied to existing databases through the implementation of data interface programming modules.

Financial Impact - Operational Cost Savings and Revenue Enhancement

Do you know exactly what is happening in your business?

Can you ask questions and get immediate answers concerning productivity, resource utilization, finances, and business activity?

Are you able to confidently make accurate, data driven decisions?

Development Environment

Rapid development of prototype and full-scale Epic reporting applications for any system or department management. Prototypes can be built for specific business or system applications for test and research purposes.

Rapid customization and distribution of created Epic reporting applications including customer-specific business management tools, process automation, and business intelligence reports.

Epic Integration within the Jun Reporting Engine eliminates the need for Epic reporting tools such as Chronicles and Clarity. Users of the Jun Reporting Tools can get precise answers in real time without the need for an intermediary report supplier.

The proprietary metric definition algorithm created by Jun Consulting Group yields more accurate measures of business and system processes than the existing data sources and can produce the following advantages: