• Data driven business intelligence reporting software.

    Healthcare Management In-Depth Reporting

    The Jun Reporting Engine will allow you to make precise decisions with confidence. "Gut-feel" beliefs will be replaced by accurate, data-supported assessments.

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  • Physician Assistant Managment Software

    PT Education and Physician Assistant Manager Software

    The Physician Assistant Manager (PAM) software is the first software of its kind that has been made specifically for Physician Assistant programs.

    The PT Education Manager tracks and integrates all clinical management tasks and reporting in one easy to use software package.

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Jun Reporting Engine

The heart of our products is our proprietary business intelligence reporting system, the Jun Reporting Engine. It can be applied to existing data sources in any business environment.

The Jun Reporting Engine provides in-depth, data-driven analysis of production systems, service provision, and product development. It allows users to directly create customizable, reusable reports to answer very specific ad-hoc questions in real time.

Data Auditing and specialized Business Intelligence reports are built on a department basis that provide productivity analysis and in-depth views of system processes.

The Jun Reporting Engine integrates seamlessly with the Epic Electronic Medical Record system, replacing the Clarity, Chronicles, and Cogito reporting tools.


Gain insights into your business with our education management software, business intelligence and real-time reporting system.


We provide custom software solutions and information management consulting services.


Our clients include some of the largest hospitals and teaching institutions in the United States.