OT Education Manager

The OT Education Manager is the first software of its kind that was made specifically for Occupational Therapy programs. The OT Education Manager tracks and integrates all data in one place - fieldwork, OTKE, curricula mapping, fieldwork performance evaluations, and much more...

OT Education Manager
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How often have you heard it said -
"We've got information all over the place. We have a program for ACOTE, another for tracking clinical fieldwork, one for looking at OTKE data, another for evaluations and on and on...and none of them talk to each other!"

This is one of the reasons that managing student clinical education, compiling support data for ACOTE accreditation review, and maintaining program Quality Assurance is so time consuming and error prone.

The OT Education Manager takes the pain out of occupational therapy education management!

Use the OT Education Manager to track the following:

  • Student information – including fieldwork, requirements, evaluations, communications
  • Clinicians – coordinators, supervisors, communications
  • Sites – all FWDF data + communications, materials, contract management, visit schedules
  • Faculty – demographic and professional information
  • Staff – demographic and professional information
  • Fieldwork – sites, supervisors, PDUs earned, evaluations
  • Housing
  • Communications with sites, coordinators, supervisors, students, and applicants
  • Curricula mapping with ACOTE Accreditation Standard integration for Quality Assurance
  • OTKE import utility integrates OTKE outcome data
  • Customizable Web Based Evaluations - Students, Courses, Fieldwork, Fieldwork Supervisors, Sites including fieldwork performance evaluations
  • Assignment Generator - optimal assignment of students to fieldworks based on preferences with built in flexibility
  • Office productivity – mail and email merging to sites contract managers and other site contact persons, coordinators, supervisors, students, applicants
  • Web Based Student Portal with Secure Student Log In – students can log into the OT Education Manager Student Portal via any web browser on any computer or even a smart phone! They can select and fill out the custom evaluations that you have created and they have been assigned. They can also see site information including selected FWDF data and requirements, and available slots for upcoming fieldwork. They can enter their preferences, and see fieldwork assignments that have been generated using Jun Consulting Group's patented Assignment Generator.
  • Customized Evaluations – a complete OT specific Evaluations/Survey tool that is integrated with the OT Education Manager software. Students can log on via any computer, web browser or even a smart phone and fill out the customized evaluations that you create. You can create as many evaluations as you like based on six evaluation types:
    • Student Evaluation of Faculty
    • Student Evaluation of Fieldwork Clinician
    • Student Evaluation of Course
    • Student Evaluation of Fieldwork/Site
    • Student Evaluation of Guest Lecturer
    • Clinician Evaluation of Fieldwork/Student

OTKE data in the OT Education Manager - includes the OTKE data import utility that imports all the OTKE data for your students including Total, Domain, and Task numerical scores. In-depth OTKE analysis is available using the powerful Jun Reporting Engine.

The OT Education Manager includes the Assignment Generator - the most flexible and fastest fieldwork assignment generator on the market for OT Education management. Using the Assignment Generator, fieldwork assignments can be generated optimally in matter of seconds, taking into account student hardship if desired and Faculty/Clinical Coordinator preferences.

Curricula Mapping allows tracking and in-depth reporting of courses, lectures/modules, objectives and support for ACOTE Accreditation Standards as well as support for a customized list of School Learning Objectives. Ongoing Quality Assurance and ACOTE Accreditation review reporting is easily performed and maintained using the powerful Jun Reporting Engine.

Existing data can be migrated into the OT Education Manager for an easy transition. The database is Internet based so the OT Education Manager program can be used from any location where there is an Internet connection, including home computers and laptops while traveling. It can securely manage individual log on accounts for faculty, staff, students, and clinicians. The database requires no support from your IS department. ACOTE reporting data, Students, Fieldwork, Communications, Sites, Clinicians, Faculty, Staff, Housing, OTKE data, Curricula Mapping, ACOTE Accreditation Standards review tracking, School Learning Objectives, Customized Evaluations, Contract Management, and much, much more - all in one software - all in one OT Education Manager.

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