Physician Assistant Education Manager

The PA Manager is a complete database management tool for PA programs

It is the first software of its kind that has been made specifically for Physician Assistant programs. The PA Manager tracks and completely integrates data all in one place - CASPA, PACKRAT, PANCE, curricula mapping, rotations, evaluations, etc.


CASPA, PACKRAT score data, and PANCE score data is quickly and easily imported directly into the PA Manager program from the client's own files and completely integrated to all data in the PA Manager database. Applicant and student data can easily be analyzed in detail using Jun Consulting Group’s proprietary reporting engine that is incorporated into the PA Manager program.

The database is Internet based so the PA Manager program can be used from any location where there is an Internet connection, including home computers and laptops while traveling. It can securely manage individual log on accounts for faculty, staff, students, and preceptors. The database requires no support from your IS department.