Services that we offer

We deliver custom software solutions and information management consulting services for businesses requiring in-depth, data-driven analysis of production systems, product development, and service provision.

Our suite of integrated reporting tools allow us to deliver customized business analytics, in-depth reporting, and automated regulatory compliance reporting within tailor-made, customizable software applications for your business.

The Jun Reporting Engine

The Jun Reporting Engine allows the user to query the business system dynamically using all elements of the business data to produce precise detail and aggregate measures of any kind in real time. Although the underlying technology is complex, the user interface is simple and requires no database knowledge or query building skills by the user. Data export and graphing are built into the user interface with simple drag and drop control.

Business Intelligence

In addition to the Jun Reporting Engine, we have developed proprietary business intelligence algorithms that create new metrics from data sources and system processes. These metrics yield more relevant and accurate information about your operations than existing data sources and can yield many benefits for your business including:

  • Increased accuracy in cost forecasting for newly developed products and services
  • Accurate labor productivity assessment and requirements
  • Error analysis
  • Process and Data Auditing

Data Integration

Data from a variety of disconnected sources can be brought together under one data warehouse roof to provide analysis that spans the spectrum of all data elements at the same time.

Automated Regulatory Compliance

Many businesses are burdened with extensive governmental and institutional regulatory compliance reporting. Custom software solutions from Jun Consulting Group remove this burden through the automation of these reporting requirements complete with data auditing to ensure accuracy.

Business Specific Reports

Jun Consulting Group develops custom reports that are tailored made for the specific reporting needs of your business and respond to dynamic inquiry of the Jun Reporting Engine.